The TBSmart concept

For many years, Toulouse Business School has been placing entrepreneurship at the heart of its educational curriculum:

  • “Entrepreneurship” section in Year 2 of the Bachelor program;
  • “Ouvre-boîte Seminar” and “Delta entrepreneur” project in Year 1 of the Master in Management program to raise awareness of the entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Major in “Entrepreneurship and Growth Strategies” (210 hours) in Year 2 of the Master in Management program;
  • Professional Option in “Entrepreneurship” in Year 3 of the Master in Management program;
  • “Entrepreneurship” Chair;
  • TBSeeds teaching incubator to help students apply their entrepreneurial spirit to a real company

Through its training courses, TBS helps its students and alumni to cultivate this entrepreneurial boldness, which over 15 years has led to the creation or acquisition of more than 300 companies. We are proud of this boldness and today we want to introduce you to some of the TBS talent that has emerged from the TBSeeds incubator, as well as from TBS’s “entrepreneurship” programs. Thanks to the enthusiasm of our entrepreneurs, and the unwavering support of TBS’s professors and professional partners, all these projects have come to fruition, and are now doing well in the open market.

For the holiday season, discover our brightest gems, and maybe some innovative and original ideas for your Christmas gifts!

Welcome to TBSmart, the website that showcases* TBS’s entrepreneurs.

*This is not a commercial website and is merely intended to promote “Made in Think & Create” projects and give them the visibility they deserve. For more information on products, prices or delivery times, please visit the websites of our entrepreneurs. Have fun shopping!

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